Fittings Kit for RV/Boat with Built-In Heat Exchanger

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This kit includes all the fittings needed to install our Heliatos Solar RV/Boat Closed Loop Solar Water Heater System. No trips to the store to get that missing fitting, everything is right here. Some of the fittings are ready-made so you don't have to assemble special combinations. Included are:

  • 2  3/8" Compression to 1/2” FPT Adapter
  • 4  3/8" Compression to 1/2” MPT Adapter
  • 1  1/2" Brass Tee
  • 2  1/2" Brass Nipples
  • 2  3/8" Compression Unions with Nuts and Ferrules
  • 9  3/8" Delrin Ferrules and Brass Inserts
  • 1  Roll Teflon tape
  • 1  Tube Tru-Blu Sealant

This kit will save you time and money!

Suitable for systems using standard RV Water Heater with Built In Heat Exchanger and 1/2" NPT threaded heat exchanger ports.