Due to supply chain issues, our lead times are running longer than usual. Please contact us with any urgent shipping needs.


Where do you ship?

All our items ship free to the lower 48 states. For shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, and all U.S. territories, there is a surcharge for kits and panels ONLY; everything else ships free. For these destinations, we ship via USPS ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: freeze protected kits for standard water heaters cannot ship via USPS due to the included glycol, so customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and all U.S. territories who want to install a freeze protected system should order panels and parts separately and obtain glycol elsewhere. Freeze protected kits for boats and RV can ship anywhere since no glycol is included.

How quickly do you ship?

We usually ship within 3 business days from receipt of order. If an item is back-ordered or if we cannot ship within 3 days, we will contact you to provide an estimated shipment date.

How many panels do I need?

Click here for Standard, Beach, or Freeze Protected Kits 

 Click here for RV and Marine Kits. 

Can I add panels after I have installed the kit?

Yes. Adding panels is as easy as bolting one to the end of the existing array.

 How hot will my water temperature be?

The maximum water temperature depends on the quality of the insulation on the pipes and the water heater. A properly sized system with good insulation will reach 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. On sunny summer days, systems can reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point the pump will shut down to prevent further heating.

How does this system work without a temperature controller? 

We have found that a controller isn't necessary and can even be a problem. For more information, please read our tech brief on the subject: heliatos.info/techBrief/18-21.pdf

I currently have a system with your discontinued EZ-37 panels. How can I expand my existing system?

Email us at info@heliatos.com and we can help you with expanding your existing system. 

I live in an area where weather can be severe, (i.e. wind, hurricanes, 

and storms). Will your panels hold up?

Our panels are the most rugged available. The frame is 1/8” thick aluminum, which is 3 times as thick as any other panel, and the glazing is polycarbonate, which is the material used for bulletproof glass. There have been cases where after a hurricane our panels were the only thing left, even when the house itself was gutted completely.

 I have a side connecting hot water heater. Can I still use your system?

If your water heater has a separate drain near the bottom, you can use our kits that come with the “bottom feed connector.” However, some side connecting water heaters do not have a drain at the bottom. Our systems can still be used, but please let us know when you order as we will have to include a different set of parts and instructions for this type of water heater.

Do you offer tax rebates?

Tax rebates are offered by some states, local governments, and in some cases, the federal government. Please check with your tax advisor to see if you qualify. If the rebates require listings or ratings, please note that we do not have any. There are a multitude of listings and ratings that are expensive to obtain. We can offer lower prices because we do not have to pass on the cost of obtaining ratings or listings on to you.

Can I heat my pool or hot tub with this system?

If you live in a sunny place you can easily heat your hot tub with our panels, though we do not sell a specific system kit for this type of application. The reason for this is that there are too many different ways the plumbing in hot tubs is designed. Out panels are not suitable for pool heating, except for indoor pools that need to be heated in the winter. For all other applications, we recommend you install a solar pool heater.

How do I prepare my system for the winter?

If you have a freeze protected system, there is nothing you have to do. Winter or summer, your water is heated for free as long as there is sunshine. If you do not have a freeze protected system, you will have to drain the panels before any freeze occurs.  Drained panels will not be damaged by cold weather, snow, etc. If water remains in the panels during freezing temperatures, they will be severely damaged.

Does the glycol on the freeze protected system come into contact with 

the water?

No. The glycol is contained in a completely separate circulation loop. It never comes into contact with the water. We supply non-toxic food grade glycol because this is required by law, not because the glycol will enter the water system.

Do I have to drain my system that isn’t freeze protected, even if it is just 

a light freeze?

Yes, panels containing water have to be drained before the temperature gets near freezing. Please note that on clear nights, and especially at higher altitudes, freezing can occur in solar panels well above 32 degrees Fahrenheit (sometimes as high as 38 degrees Fahrenheit).

 Is the PV panel included with my kit enough to run the pump?

The PV panels included with each kit provide just the right amount of power for the respective system.

Can I heat my garage floor?

Yes. Our panels will basically heat anything as long as there is sunshine. However, keep in mind that there is typically very little sun during some of the coldest times of year (cloudy days and nights). This is why recommend using solar heating panels only if you are heating a large thermal mass like a slab that can carry the heat from sunny times to when heating is needed most.

My panel is leaking. What’s your warranty policy?

Our panels carry a 10 year no leak warranty. This does not cover panels damaged by freezing. If your panel is leaking, please send it back to us. We will disassemble it and determine if the leak was due to freezing or other causes. We will then repair or replace the panel and send it back to you. If the leak was due to freeze damage, you will be charged a $50 USD repair fee. We will include the freeze damaged tubing for your inspection in the return shipment.

 Do you work with installers?

We are not affiliated with any solar installers. Our systems are extremely easy to install with nominal skills and tools. Any plumber or handyman can easily complete an installation. We recommend that you download the installation instructions for the system you are interested in and show them to whoever might be installing your system to confirm that they are comfortable doing the work.

How will heat waves affect my water temperature?

The air temperature has a lesser effect on water temperature. Water temperatures will therefore be only slightly higher during hot weather. The amount of sunshine is the main factor in determining the heat of the water.

How does this system know the right speed at which to pump the water?

The pumps in our systems are powered by a small PV (solar electric) panel. The amount of sunshine on the PV panel determines the speed of the pump, and since the water-heating panels receive the same amount of sunshine as the PV panel, the pumping speed is always balanced with the heating of the water.

Can I get waterborne diseases from the water sitting in the panels all day?

The water does not sit in the panels all day, it is circulated through all day. A solar water heater panel is no different than any other heater except that the power source is the sun.