Standard Hot Water Heaters (Residential)

Compare our Standard Hot Water Heater Kits to find the best kit for your house, cabin, beach house or mobile home. These easy-to-install and affordable kits can reduce costly water heating bills or take you completely off-grid. 
First, select the type of kit that best fits your needs (make sure to read information about freezing temperatures below.) 
Then use the table below to decide how many panels you will need for your hot water heater tank size. 


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If it regularly freezes in your area, we recommend purchasing a "Freeze Protected" Kit. These kits operate year-round, without needing to be drained when the temperature drops below 38  degrees Fahrenheit. Our SW, EZ, and Marine kits need to be drained during freezing temperatures. Damage from freezing may cause the panels to leak, and voids our 10 year leak warranty. 


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