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RV Freeze Protected Solar Water Heating Kit: With Built-In Heat Exchanger

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This kit is designed for RV water heaters with a built-in heat exchanger. It contains everything you need to add a high quality freeze protected solar water heater to your RV. It simply connects to the heat exchanger that is already in your water heater. The antifreeze in the solar loop is heated by the Heliatos SW-38 solar water heating panels. This panel is robust enough to be mounted on a vehicle at highway speeds, has unbreakable twinwall polycarbonate glazing, and a strong aluminum frame, yet only weighs 12 lbs.

Each kit comes with:

  • Your selected quantity of Heliatos SW-38 Solar Water Heating Panel 
  • 1 Heliatos HS-21 solar circulation pump 
  • 1 10 Watt PV Solar panel to power the pump 
  • Wire and PV panel mounting tabs 
  • 25 ft of 1/4" PEX tubing
  • Amtrol #15 Expansion Tank
  • RV Glycol Fill and Purge Valve with Drill Pump and Instructions
  • 1 Complete Set of Fittings and Adapters
    • Assumes RV water heater with 1/2" NPT connections (most common)
    • Contact us for non-standard Water Heaters or Connections
  • Clear and easy to follow installation instructions 


All You have to supply is:

  • Fasteners to attach the panels
  • Insulation for the tubing
  • Your existing RV water heater
  • Tools needed for installation

Click here to see how many panels you need. 

    Made in the USA