Fittings Kit for RV/Boat with External Heat Exchanger

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This kit includes all the fittings needed to install our Heliatos Solar RV/Boat Closed Loop Solar Water Heater System. No trips to the store to get that missing fitting, everything is right here. Some of the fittings are ready made so you don't have to assemble special combinations. Included are:


  • 23/8" Compression to 1/2” FPT Adapter
  • 63/8" Compression to 1/2” MPT Adapter
  • 31/2" Brass Tees
  • 21/2" Brass Street Elbows
  • 21/2" Brass Elbows
  • 21/2" Brass HEX Couplings
  • 21/2" Brass Nipples
  • 23/8" Compression Unions with Nuts and Ferrules
  • 93/8" Delrin Ferrules and Brass Inserts
  • 1Roll Teflon tape
  • 1Tube Rectorseal TRU-BLU Sealant

This kit will save you time and money!

Suitable for system using standard RV Water Heater with External Heat Exchanger.